Project: Materialize

With “Project: Materialize” Atom seeks to collaborate with artists and designers of all kinds to show how 3D printing can enhance self-expression for anyone. The first collaboration of Project: Materialize is with photographer Sydney Sie who, with the help of the Atom Design Team, has created striking dioramas representing different ways and forms of life. In the photos Sydney Sie uses color, light, and shape to accelerate the viewer’s imagination into parallel universes of abstract thought. Atom has supported artists and designers from day one, making a machine that is both easy to use, and delivers awesome results.

Project Materialize is an experimental approach to presenting art. By fabricating a physical, 3D landscape the art transcends emotion and becomes a rational argument. Technology is allowing artists to break through historic restrictions as artists are no longer limited to traditional craft techniques to produce intricate physical objects.
The creative goal of project materialize is to demonstrate that 3D printers are no longer a cold technology limited to engineering professionals, but can trigger the perfect combination of the material and spiritual.

The Exhibition Team
After a number highly successful crowdfunding campaigns, Atom has built out a team of talented engineers and designers focused on the development of 3D printing and Taiwan’s specialized manufacturing sector. Atom’s team helped design the outstanding 3D models for this project, and hope to share the possibilities of this exciting new technology with the public.
Using the Atom 2.0, the team invites creative people from various fields to develop their ideas and achieve their goals in photography, dance, music, science, and technology, among many others.

The Artist - Sydney Sie
Sydney Sie uses gradients of color, surreal imagery, the female body, and other graphical elements of composition, color, and layout to construct ambiguous, two dimensional worlds in her photographs. Sydney Sie’s creative approach to photography is to create a strong impression of the external form with an implied narrative buried within. She deliberately uses the inertia of the viewer’s attention to move beyond the bright colors and into the narrative story.
Sydney Sie uses 3D models to “achieve the impossible,” taking a surrealistic approach to dioramic photography. After numerous discussions with the Atom Design Team, the diagrams for each of the photographs began to take form…