Cloo Series - Chair and Shelf

Our concept is to design heirlooms, objets that people pass down from generation to generation with pride. We believe that a good design should be simple and honest. Sustainability is the thing that all human being have to consider. As designers, we can have different perspectives to look into sustainability. By using materials like rattan, wood, leather or metal, our studio wants to give them a different use, a new meaning or a second life through series of great products.

Chair 01

Inspired by the armchair Ch20 Elbow Chair. We want to provide comfort and variability of seating. It can be customized according to users’s individual needs.
The seat is designed for being combined with diverse colors and materials, like rattan, leather, tennis wire and solid wood for this.

Chair 00

Our first prototyping, this model is all 3D printed and combined with a leather seat.

Shelf 01

As an easy way to integrate some furniture in different interiors, this shelf is easy to assemble and disassemble, and thus allow the user to change the different levels and their materials depending onwhat they need or want.

Cooperate with Lola Mijouin.

Super Double™

Super Double is dedicated in providing a better life for parents and family. We are teamed by parents, fashion editor and design talents. Not just want to solve the problems of diaper bags, but also want to provide better life and experience in your daily life. A functional backpack divided into 3 different sections, fulfill the different needs.

There are three main sections:
[A] flexible top: foldable and also can get some extra space for more stuffs
[B] main bag: from a 15.6 inch laptop to a pen, the bag can hold about 30kg.
[C] hard shell case: quick release case with the great protection.

From baby's clothes and diaper to dad's laptop and camera kits, with this bag, you can adjust to different lifestyles.

- Multifunctional
(More than 10 separate pockets)
- Water resistant
- Large capacity
- Quick released case
- Suitable for all places

Hoomia U8

How do you draw a pair of headphones? With an arc and two semi-circles. When I designed these headphones, I wanted a very simple shape with a special texture. I used CD pattern on the driver housings. The housings’ texture will be different in different light.
I focused on the simple line, perfect propotion, textures, materials and details. Simple, elegant, comfortable.



Personal Project with Hoomia
Material: Aluminum, Steel, Leather
Designer: Coby Huang
Story: Hoomia
Photographer: Coby Huang

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Frame Vase 

Inspired by the humble bicycle frame. Masters of bicycle manufacture treat their frames as fine art. They might focus on the welding of the frame, the material, or the accessories they chose. I was fascinated by the welding, especially brass welding. I thought a lot about how to show the beauty of brass welding so that I could design an accessory that can be put on a table for everyone to see clearly; not only to observe the shape, but also the delicate welding.



Project Every Week
Material: Metal, Brass
Designer: Coby Huang
Story: Coby Huang
Photographer: Coby Huang


The world’s finest cyber pleasure toy. Crafted to deliver the most intimate arousal with or without web connectivity. The user can choose to ride it solo or take it to another level with the brilliantly designed cyber pleasure platform community - LovePalz Club (defunct since 2015). The boundary between the real world and virtual world is disappearing. Yet, the pleasure, the excitement and the intimate arousal has only begun to straddle them both.

The Mobius strip is not a surface of only one geometry, such as the half-twisted paper strip depicted in the illustration to the right.

TWIST for Men

Materials: 1. High impact resistance ABS + PC 2. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
Size: 230 x 85 x 70mm
Weight: 660 grams
Power source: 4 AAA batteries
Power consumption: up to 3 hours
BLE 4.0 support: iOS 7.0 & Android 4.3 or above
Interface: 3 button interface dial, 8 vibration patterns, 5 adjustable intensity
Long Lasting Power:Up to 3 hours of continues intense pleasure
TWIST for Women

Materials: 1. High impact resistance ABS + PC 2. FDA approved silicone
Size: 180 x 40 x 40mm
Weight: 90 grams
Power source: 4 AAA batteries
Power consumption: up to 4 hours
BLE 4.0 support: iOS 7.0 & Android 4.3 or above
Interface: 3 button interface dial, 8 vibration patterns, 5 adjustable intensity
Long Lasting Power:Up to 4 hours of continues intense pleasure

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