ATOM 2.0

The Atom 2.0 is culmination of years of design and engineering experience. Its all-metal structure provides unsurpassed stability for excellent print quality, and its assembly manual guides the user through clear, easy-to-follow directions.

Atom looks stylish and moves elegantly like no other printer in the world.

Super precise and consistent extrusion.
The essence of a good print is a smooth, equally thick extrusion that is at the right temperature for bonding.

We’ve re-designed the entire hot end assembly from the ground up and custom built our parts so they can fit together seamlessly to provide a super consistent extrusion of filament. The hot end is CNC milled from titanium and, paired with the custom aluminum heatsink, ensures that the heating stays in a very localized area for better temperature control and better preservation of filament integrity.

Print super fine layers.
With various conditions and factors meticulously controlled, ATOM 2.0 can print extremely thin layers, so thin that the layers are almost indistinguishable by the eye.

All new triple fan system.
The ATOM 2.0 effector carries a triple fan cooling system. One fan is dedicated for stabilizing the hot end temperature. The remaining dual fans provide accelerated cooling for freshly laid down filament, which enables the printer to print overhangs at extreme angles and even bridges without support material.

Understand your printer from the ground up.
What better way to know your every part of your 3D printer than to assemble it yourself? All the parts you need to assemble an ATOM 2.0 comes snug in a compact package, and we invite you to take the journey of building your very own ATOM 2.0 to gain a deeper understanding of it.

The most comprehensive assembly experience.
We’ve proudly designed and made every little detail of our two instruction manuals in-house.

Layer One Design
Creative Director: Coby Huang
Material: Aluminum, Plastic...
Photographer: Sydney Sie

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