ANTOU: J+ System

Behind the brand - ANTOU stands a solid metalware production factory. Having decades of experiences in the industry, and large scale of production equipments. The factory profounds its skill in producing products for engineering and architectural applications. Based on such advanced foundation, ANTOU dedicated itself to create design goods from the perspective of both craftsmen and designers, and pressing forward to become a local, profound and sustainable design brand.


The design is a series of metal joints that connects wood bars together in different angles. Inspired by the piping structure in buildings and the DIY types of furniture. The design aims to be adaptive and fully customisable. Users will be able to build their piece through a website or an app, and then the order will be flat-packed and shipped to the customers. The modules are made out of aluminium with a sandblasted texture and are put together with wood bars by screws. With this lightweight, yet durable system, anyone can easily create a piece of furniture of their own.