ANTOU: J+ System

Behind the brand - ANTOU stands a solid metalware production factory. Having decades of experiences in the industry, and large scale of production equipments. The factory profounds its skill in producing products for engineering and architectural applications. Based on such advanced foundation, ANTOU dedicated itself to create design goods from the perspective of both craftsmen and designers, and pressing forward to become a local, profound and sustainable design brand.


The design is a series of metal joints that connects wood bars together in different angles. Inspired by the piping structure in buildings and the DIY types of furniture. The design aims to be adaptive and fully customisable. Users will be able to build their piece through a website or an app, and then the order will be flat-packed and shipped to the customers. The modules are made out of aluminium with a sandblasted texture and are put together with wood bars by screws. With this lightweight, yet durable system, anyone can easily create a piece of furniture of their own.

ANTOU: Coffee Dripper

Coffee Dripper is a coffee maker set that consisted of a metal frame, glass water container, filter, adjustable valve and a coffee spoon. The frame and spoon are made of metal and are beautifully detailed. The styling was inspired by the shape of bacteriophages and aliens, with the structure of a typical myxovirus bacteriophage, the head, collar, and tail are convert into apparatus for perfect coffee making, aiming to simplify the daily coffee ritual.


Pen O is the extension of the ANTOU ballpoint pen family with the classic refill fixture and alongside with an extra secret move. The pen features a special tip on the side of the body. When unscrewed, the pen becomes a bottle opener that pops cap from an intriguing angle.
Here at ANTOU, we celebrate the vibe of keeping productive at work, and then party with style. Pen O is the gadget that assists one in the office and then spotlights them at the after work drinks.

會工作也要會玩啊!Pen O 是ANTOU鋼珠筆系列具有玩心的延伸,看似簡單的設計圓型的筆身,帶有滾花的筆蓋增添開闔時的手感,筆身上方鎖附的螺絲,具有巧妙的用途,可以往外旋開,當作開瓶器使用,筆身背面有六角形的凹槽,也能夠放置工具,再使用螺絲鎖緊固定,當作修理腳踏車的板手,是現代人在工作繁忙之餘,也不忘放鬆玩樂,不可或缺的小配件!

Material I Anodized aluminium
Dimension I Ø12 * 132 mm
Net. Weight I 39 g
Care | Wipe with a damp cloth

ANTOU: Wall Hooks

The hooks series use the hexagon shaped metal bar and bending technique to transform them into decorations with characters. ANTOU hooks aim to reveal its original beauty from the rigid material and minimal design.


Hook A
Material I Anodized aluminium
Dimension I 170 * 127 * 65 mm
Net. Weight I 129 g
Care | Wipe with a damp cloth

Hook B
Material I Anodized aluminium
Dimension I 50 * 115 * 65 mm
Net. Weight I 100 g
Care | Wipe with a damp cloth

Hook C
Material I Anodized aluminium
Dimension I 65 * 122.5 * 65 mm
Net. Weight I 148 g
Care | Wipe with a damp cloth

Hook D
Material I Anodized aluminium
Dimension I 55 * 115 * 65 mm
Net. Weight I 89 g
Care | Wipe with a damp cloth

ANTOU: Wall Accessories


Switches and knobs are the things that you will touch every day, but we ignored it most of time. As a designer, we focus on every detail. The design is put the pattern on it that bring the different tactile senses to your daily life. Clean lines and simple design bring a touch of elegance to any space.